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CLIYM is committed to making the world of these children a place where hope abounds, not only for today but for future generations! Become a Partner with us today!



CLIYM began in 2007 and is a 501c3 Charitable Not For Profit organization incorporated in the state of Florida. Our Foundation is Jesus Christ. He has transformed our lives. He can & will transform the nations. We believe in the power of the Gospel to totally transformation individuals and thier communities. This will be accomplished through a Spirit led, Kingdom minded people who will make disciples and reveal Jesus through reckless acts of love.


We believe the love of Jesus is   understood best when in ACTION. We will Preach the Gospel of Christ using every available means, we will feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick, the elderly, widows and orphans, visit prisoners, heal the broken-hearted, expose injustice, educate the uneducated, love the unlovable, build up the Body of Christ and reach out to all peoples regardless of culture, age, gender or social status in the name & love of Jesus Christ.

Get Involved

We believe the power of the Gospel is expressed in two ways; The spoken, Anointed Word & God's Love & power expressed through actions. CLIYM will continue to minister the Good News of Jesus Christ & demonstrate God's love to the lost & the least. We can't do this alone; we need individuals, like you, who will offer their time, finances, gifts & talents... so that lives might be transformed by the power of God's love...through you! 

Visit Us!

We welcome and love volunteers and visitors!

Get involved with CLIYM in a variety of ways: Donate your time, your talents, needed supplies or your finances!

We gladly welcome visitors to our mission base in Ghana, West Africa! Akwaaba!! (Welcome!)


Join CLIYM in Transforming Nations with the Hope of Glory...

Christ Living In You!


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