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 CLIYM Bible Training Center 

Christ Living In You School of The Holy Spirit
CLIYM Advanced School of The Holy Spirit

The Lord Jesus Christ is the center and focus of the Advanced School of the Holy Spirit. Through a balanced atmosphere, where the Holy Spirit is given freedom to move in our midst and a living impartation of the Spirit of the Word of God, men and women will develop a hunger for a vital relationship with Jesus and the truth of His Word! This atmosphere, saturated with  the presence of God will produce mature sons and daughters of God who will be "throughly furnished unto every good work." spreading the fragrance of Christ and His Kingdom wherever they go.

We believe the next generation of Ghana will be best reached by local Ghanaian leaders, therefore an overriding tenet of CLIYM is the training and mentoring of these adult leaders in their Christian faith and in other areas that will help to develop an strengthen the local church and the communities they serve. These men and women take the loving message of Jesus  through the direction of of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God as CLIYM has trained and discipled them.



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