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Transforming Nations with the Hope of Glory Christ Living In You! -Col 1:27

Program 1. Education Initiative

Christ Living In You Ministries provides assistance to Ghana's Education sector. CLIYM provides scholarship funds for needy students who due to serious financial need, would otherwise be unable to complete High school. Additionally, CLIYM has and continues to renovate and restore rural school facilities, provides building materials, educational supplies, teacher-training, and food to government and Christian schools.  CLIYM is the governing manager of an emerging Christian school. CLIYM is in the process of helping to develop this amazing school to it's full potential.  Please consider donating to this valuable & needy project!

Program 2. Orphans & Widows

We believe the love of Jesus is understood best when in ACTION. Christ Living In You Ministries has and will continue to assist impoverished, needy widows (including Mothers abandoned by thier husbands) and thier children with food, clothing, medical care, school supplies and other basic provisions of life as funds are available. Many orphans in Ghana remain in the homes of relatives and many of these caregivers are single Mothers, Aunts/Uncles or elderly Grandmothers or Grandfathers. CLIYM looks to help those caregives who are in the most serious need. We cannot do this alone; it takes individuals who will offer their time, their finances, gifts and talents so that we might continue to carry the message of Chirst...LOVE IN ACTION! 

Program 3. Biblical Discipleship

We believe the local Church is the hub for spiritual growth and humanitarian assistance. Therefore Christ Living In You Ministries is a church planting ministry. We assist in the development of Christian discipleship through CLIYM'S Bible Schools and The Advanced School of The Holy Spirit.  It is through these avenues of the local church (Glory Tabernacle) and our Bible Schools that relationships are formed. We are committed to forming relationships with those that God sends us because we believe that true, effective discipleship does not occur outside of relationships. It is through these avenues that we meet and assist young budding pastors. And it is through the local church that we train members to care for the widows and orphans and other acts of service to their neighbor.  Additionally we  hold outdoor evangelistic meetings to win the lost and facilitate Biblical Conferences for Pastors and church leaders. 

Program 4. Malaria Prevention

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) estimates that 85% of all Malaria victims are children under the age of 5 and that Malaria is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5.  The W.H.O. estimates that 40,000 children die from Malaria every year in Ghana. This means that EVERY HOUR five children under the age of 5 die of Malaria in Ghana!

In honor of precious baby, Blessing, who died unnecesarily of Malaria, CLIYM has initiated THE BLESSING MALARIA PREVENTION FUND. Please help us today! No amount is too small! Your continued support of this program will enable us to travel to rural villages, bring educational training and awareness about Malaria prevention and help us provide medicine and Mosquito nets. All of this will take funds. Funds that we don’t have. Won’t you please help us today with a gift towards THE BLESSING FUND and save a child’s life today? May God bless you for your support!

Program 5.   "SPS"
Supplemental Pastors ​Support
CLIYM supports indiginous local churches and thier pastoral teams. Currently we supports 3 rural pastors who are in need of monthly financial assistance. In order for these pastors to continue ministering,  Financial assistance is given to help FEED and CLOTH their families.  There are many such ministers in rural Ghana who have given up jobs, homes and the few comforts that they might enjoy to take the saving message of Jesus to villages that have NO church or clear Gospel message!  The Word of God instructs us to "know them that labor among you" ~I Thess. 5:12.  CLIYM carefully screens candidates for this program and we actually labor among and with them for a time in order that we might be sure that they walk with  Godly integrity and character. There are many so called "men of God" who simply use the ministry to fleece the sheep for thier own gain and many unsuspecting Westerners (with a tender heart and a willing pocket) are taken advantage of.  (Photo left: Pastor Isaac Baah and Cindy delivering food to a needy widow in his church. Pastor Baah is on the Executive Board of CLIYM Ghana and is an amazing young man of God! He and his wife co-pastor a church and Bible School. They have four children and receive SPS).


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