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I read this prayer on Facebook this morning shared by a well-known American Tel-Evangelist.: "I pray that God will restore everything for you the enemy has ever messed with!!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Yet I have a concern about it!

This prayer is fine for those that are newborn babes in Christ...however, for those that know the promises Of the Word of God, claim them and cling to them, it is unnecessary. For God Himself has promised through the Scriptures, "vengeance is Mine”...”The seed of the woman will crush the serpents head" And He has promised to the faithful, "I will restore the years that the locust has eaten" and further, He has said, "no good thing will I withhold from them that WALK uprightly (in truth).

This is what our merciful God will do for those who love Him and walk in truth! Please! Children of God, stop idolizing ministers as if their words were some magic potion or greater than God's promises! So many believers are being deceived because they do not know the Word of God of the God of the Word!

Minister of God, please stop preaching a message that appeals to the lusts of the flesh! God cannot and will not bless carnal, self-centered lives. If we sin and begin to walk in its destructive ways, we give satan permission to steal from us! God will restore WHEN we turn from carnal life-styles and sin (repent). Those with itching ears are gathering to themselves "bless me" preachers/teachers/prophets who refuse to declare "The whole council of God".

The whole council of God declares: "I am crucified with Christ...I have died to my own desires, I am dead to my own thoughts and self-direction. I have died to my own life. I AM DEAD!! ...NEVERTHELESS I live! Yet not I (I am no longer in control) but Christ (the blessing that was promised to Abraham) now lives in and through me!! His desires, His will, His Hopes and dreams have become mine and have become that which is motivating my entire life and actions!

The following prayer is the prayer that God's true servants are praying; "I pray that you will turn from loving the ways of the world (Babylon's idols, wares, entertainments and all her other corrupting ways) and from compromising the truth of God's Word, so that God's grace and Spirit (blessing) might again rest upon you and your household. I pray that you might once again become the Light of the glory of God in the midst of a deceived and corrupt world and that by His grace and glory resting on you, the lost will turn to Christ Jesus and rejoice!"

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